Friday, 3 October 2014

Darrell’s New Shredder Proves Just To Popular

Darrell returned to work to find that he old shredder for his all his confidential data shredding has been replaced by a new one ……
document shredder…. an all singing all dancing shredder that shreds whole wads of paper at a time and has more lights and buttons on it than his other one …….
document shredder.
………. and Darrell has been most impressed by its performance so far.
confidential document shredderHowever, it seems that everyone else has also been very impressed by its aforementioned  shredding capabilities and have, as such, have all been having a dabble ….. so much so that the collection bags that fill underneath said machine have been burgeoning and Darrell has been left to remove the full bags and replace with new ……… several times a day!!!
shredder notice……. and so he has had to, reluctantly, put up a notice that is robust and to the point  ….
confidential document shredder.Darrell, it has to be said can be a martyr to his stiff back and lugging bulging bin bags, well,  it’s not a good look is it?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the fascination with the shredder will wane and Darrell will have this magnificent machine to himself!....hauling bags of shredded paper is definitely not my idea of fun..... looks like everyone is "back in the saddle again"! ....Dianne

Tonislav Kaziev said...

hmm nice shredder I use the services of a company, I think they were, very nice site and they recycle it after they shred it

Mr.D said...

Shredding is fun.
Make sure you don't get a tie caught in it.
Nigel may ponder of Shredded Wheat are made in such a machine.

Anonymous said...

Mr. D - Sheddies are knitted by Grandmas - it says so on tele! But you being in foreign climes of course will not be acquainted with this information. JantheFan x
p.s. nice shredder

Mr.D said...

Thanks for this important news JtF.