Monday, 20 October 2014

Ocardo Comes Up Trumps!

After our first order with them, Ocardo sent Darrell a feedback form asking him how he felt it had all gone. Needless to say he replied promptly, saying how proud we had all been to have “The Raspberry Van” outside Castle Greysquirrel. and that all the comestible items had been very satisfactory, and how excellent the special offers were, as we had been able to avail ourselves of proper Heinz spaghetti hoops instead of own brand ones for a change   …… and then, in a jokey way, added that as there had been no mince substitution we’d had to forgo our usual Wednesday night spag bol that week ….. and then clicked the submit button, and thought nothing more of it!
Well, imagine our surprise when Orcado replied straight away with a most generous voucher towards our next shop to make up for our disappointment and lack of spag bol!!!
Well naturally Darrell placed another order almost immediately, with mince at the top of his list.He then received a confirmation e-mail  saying that “Mathew” would be our deliveryman, but it didn’t say which van he would be delivering our order in, so when the order was due Darrell and Nigel watched from the window in tangible and palpable expectation!Imagine their excitement when they saw that we had got The Lemon Van …….….. and rather than just park on the road outside, it actually pulled onto our drive and came right up to the door
We felt sooooooooo proud, and we are sure curtains twitched across the road and next door!
What can we say …… but THANK YOU Ocardo, you are now our grocery home delivery service of choice ……….  and we are hoping in time that we will be visited by The Cabbage Van, The Orange Van and The Apple Van …… and wonder if they will have a seasonal Sprout Van for Christmas?


Mr.D said...

Well done Ocardo but it seems a strange name for a company.
The sprouts van could be rather smelly.

marc said...

it seems like your going up market boys i like their vans to big love marc