Friday, 4 September 2015

A Quiet Reflective Moment

There’s a small church across the road from our hotel and we have been quite curious to have a little peep inside as we very much like the to explore the odd church or two on our travels ……..
…… and so, last night, when we saw that it was open, we decided that it would be rude not to take that aforementioned little peek.
It was very, very beautiful especially the icons and the chandeliers and overwhelmingly peaceful ….. but, out of respect we decided not to take pictures inside, just in case it was a sin or something!
We are not sure what was going on,  but everyone seemed to be kissing the pictures, but again we decided we had better to refrain from this, no matter how well intentioned,  just in case it caused offence  …..
……. but decided, that if we return to Greece again, in the future, we would do some research and not be so ignorant and lacking. 
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We did however light a candle each for Andy, even though he “didn’t do candles”!!!! Andy lived for his holidays and we all felt that he has been in Nidri with us, so, it was a way of showing him that we knew he was there.


Mr.D said...

Good old Andy.

Did you find a diptych; a triptych; a tetraptych or quadriptych; pentaptych five; hexaptych six; heptaptych seven; a octaptych or even a polyptych in the church?

Di said...

Ah bless you boys, and a hug to your Mum too!


Di xx

Anonymous said...

Couldn't be more perfect than to have the glow of a candle for Andy be the highlight of this heavenly holiday.....what a lovely church ....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness the page went all blurry there - think I had something in my eye - our heart never forgets. JantheFan x