Monday, 21 September 2015

Nigel Samples Genuine Cornish Comestible Wares!!!

I can’t tell you how much Nigel has been dreaming of sinking his teeth into his first ever, REAL Cornish Pasty!  He has had a few of faux ones in his time, but what he really wanted to do was sample a real Cornish pasty while being on real Cornish soil!  To be at one, as it were, with a real Cornish man! What is he like?
So, the first thing he did after unpacking his suitcase was to ask his friend Beth to point him in the direction of the nearest Cornish Pasty emporium.
There was quite a queue, but Nigel thought this must bode very well for the quality of pasty that lie within, and decided that he had better avail himself of two (extra large ones), just in case they ran out during the rest of his stay!!!!!!
Let’s just say, they did not disappoint ……..
I believe, there was MUCH, MUCH nomming!! And Nigel’s comestible Cornish Seaside Bucket List is now fulfilled!!


Mr.D said...

You are making me hungry.
I want a pasty or two too.
Ideally proper Cornish ones but even Greggs would be most acceptable.

marc said...

you get the best cheese and potato ones there to o how i wish i was there big love marc

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Nigel wasn't taking any chances was he?!


Dianne said...

OH MY, The genuine real deal Cornish pasty.....they look delicious with their gorgeous toasty colour.... Cornish pasties are even famous in the US....the original meal to go!..... Dianne