Monday, 28 September 2015

Almost A Local ………..

Nigel is certainly embracing and fitting in to the Cornish way of life!  ….. Last night he was very excited having been invited to make up a pub quiz team over at the Kings Arms, in the next village “Well…..” he said it would look rude and churlish not to partake!” …….. especially as he had also invited for a meal beforehand …… food for thought no doubt!!!
Being by the sea, Nigel’s tea of choice was a no brainer …… it had to be fish and chips, but instead of his usual curry or tomato sauce, Nigel instead choose tartare sauce, to show that he can be a little bit sophisticated when the need arises, and when out with locals, it’s best to do as the locals do, and they all seemed to be opting for tartar sauce too!!!
Nigel’s team was called “Four Play”, because, he explained, when he called us later, there were four people playing, although he had thought they’d spelt it a bit funny, but didn’t like to point it out at the time!
He added that he wished the questions had been as simple as his team’s name …… because they were very, very, hard, the questions were mystery enough to him, let alone the answers  and made his head ache, so in the end, he volunteered to just write the answers, when they eventually came up with one!
In the end Four Play (spelt wrong) came 24th out of a field of 27, however Nigel hadn’t been that averse to coming last because the booby prize for the loosing team had been a packet of Maltesers each, and as you know Nigel is extremely partial to the odd Malteser or two!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

Can't be bad-Fish & Chips then Maltesers!! You can tell Nigel in on his holidays.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness Nigel - you do my soul good on a Monday - giggling my socks of here. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Hmmmmm, fish and chips with tartar sauce....I do eat fish and also prefer tartar sauce with it .....Nigel's pub quiz invitation is a feather in his cap as he settles into Cornwall life .....each day is one more special Cornish adventure! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I do like pub quizzes but there aren't any round here.
Four play? Four skins?