Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I Put A Dampener On Darrell & Nigel’s Fun!

All holiday we have ermed and ahhhhed with great robustosity as to whether we should avail ourselves of a boat trip, as the harbour is awash with boats of all dimensions, and it would look rude not to,  but I am afraid my sea faring experience of last year still holds some very unpleasant memories for me (and my stomach) …….. just the mere thought of it brings that awful undulating feeling back!!!!
big boatDarrell says that I really ought to face my fears  ……before my reluctance/hesitancy turns into a full blown, dehibiliating phobia of said undulation and swell ……
However, Nigel was a little more philosophical/thoughtful, saying that although he would very much like to go on a trip, there will be other holidays, and perhaps I should get myself hypnotised in the meantime!
He also added that a day on a boat would mean a day not on the beach, and not seeing his fish, and as our holiday is rapidly drawing nigh, his fish win over any boat every time, bless him!
I do feel a bit of a wuss and I have told Darrell and Nigel that they could go without me, but they said it just wouldn’t be the same, all for one and one for all and all that stuff, so, I have decided that my rehabilitation starts when we return to Evesham when I will attempt a £3.50 boat trip up the river and see how I go!!!!


Mr.D said...

I doubt people get seasick messing about on the river. Or is that riversick?

PharmacyMichele said...

Perfect idea to go on a boat trip much closer to home-just in case.


Anonymous said...

Undulating boat,oh not good.....but good old Nigel,the beach is a nice alternative ....though it is wonderful to have such great choices ....the boats bobbing around in the sea create a super view as long as the tummy remains calm!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Now listen boyz - I once got very mucho seasick on one of those Pirate Ship thingy rides that you see in the Fairground, and there wasn't a drop of water for miles to be seen - so I'm standing by you Monkey on your decision. Nothing worse - well maybe there could be something worse but we won't go into that now. JantheFan x