Sunday, 27 September 2015

Nigel Becomes A Guest Of Bude’s Ladies Society!

Yesterday morning Beth wondered if Nigel would like to accompany her to her Probus meeting, where they were due to have a talk on “Clean Beaches In Bude”, but, if he didn’t want to go it would be perfectly alright, but hastening to add that tea and biscuits would also be served. The invitation then turned into a no brainer for Nigel, well, it would look rude not to go, wouldn’t it?
However, he was a little apprehensive when they arrived, especially as at the beginning of the meeting, he was introduced to all the assembled ladies as “…..Nigel, on holiday from Wolverhampton”, by the Chair Person. He was worried that he might have to stand up and repeat that ….he was Nigel ….. and he was on holiday from Wolverhampton…. and then have to elucidate further on his life, loves, ambitions, etc., but thankfully found that after a little polite welcoming applause, and a knowing look here and there, taking a small bow, was sufficient!Nigel was then felt able to relax, sip his tea, nibble on his chocolate digestive, and concentrate on the slightly indelicate content of the guest speakers talk, which largely focused on the unsavoury problem of sewage pollution on Bude’s Beaches!!!!! Let’s just say that Nigel is now familiar with the consequences of when cows decide to wade in streams that run through farm fields, that muscles are bottom feeders …..  and when not to go surfing after a heavy rainfall!The occasion was certainly an enlightening and unusual “first” holiday experience for Nigel …… and I think, at that,  we should leave it there!


Mr.D said...

Nigel can mix in all sorts of company.
Maybe he thought it was a group in favour of buses - like George and his Banga bus.

Dianne said...

Tea and biscuits and important info to learn .... Nigel has been enlightened!... much to share when he returns home ....Dianne