Friday, 18 September 2015

Nigel ….. Accepts A Very Kind Invitation!

We’ve only been home for five minutes and Nigel is off on his jollies ….. again …..this time for a few days Sunny Bude!
IMG_5237His friend Beth, who is lucky enough to live there, called him, begging him to go down and stay with her, sending him pictures of the beautiful beach to tempt him …… and saying that the pasties and clotted cream had been particularly good this year!!!!
IMG_5235Well, Nigel reasoned, as he was a stranger to the pleasures of Bude, it would look most rude if he did not accept such a kind invitation to explore and embrace all its said pleasures!
IMG_5241So, while Darrell sorted out his tickets and I adjusted myself to the thought of a few days of perfect peace and blissful quiet ….. and I packed an ample, yet sufficient supply of comestibles for Nigel’s very long journey ahead …..
IMG_5239Nigel packed …… “everything” in his cupboard …….
IMG_5240……. relying on his nose to tell him whether things were dirty or clean but packing them all anyway …… I hope Beth knows exactly what she is letting herself in for!


Mr.D said...

There was a young lady from Bude....

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Nigel is very well traveled! I fear he may need to go on a diet once he returns after lots of pasties & cream teas!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nigel's fun and good times just keep rolling along! .....much excitement with this fantastic invitation.....lucky, lucky Nigel; have a wonderful visit! ....Dianne
PS wonder if Nigel will meet Mr D's young lady from Bude?