Saturday, 5 September 2015

Late Night Shopping A La Greek Style!!

We very much enjoy our evenings in Greece, however it is so easy to lose all sense of time ……. especially as, when we are on holiday, all watches are soooooo not de rigueur and we let our bodies tell us the time.
But last night, it suddenly hit us, just how late it was for us to be still mooching in the shops looking for small presents to take home (…… not that we want to be thinking about going home!!!)
It was almost midnight …….
……… yet no one seemed to be in a hurry to shut up shop ….. in our village the shutters of the Tesco Express are down within a nano second of closing time!
It’s also a time when it’s a little cooler and you feel you have more energy, to gaze up and take in the all romantic balconies, something I have always wanted at Castle Greysquirrel!
But I digress …….
…… we have decided to take home simple things for our friends, olive oil, soap and a few Greek comestibles like biscuits and confectionary ……..
Nigel, as you might have guessed, did have other ideas …….
……… but I made him stand in front of each and every souvenir gift of  choice that he had a fancy for and told him to really, really consider deeply and most robustly who he might give it to ………
……. fortunately my tactic worked ….. and we now have an ample selection of honeyed nougat and suckie sweets tucked in our suitcases rather than religious Greek figures playing snooker!!!


Mr.D said...

The snooker ornament would look very classy in Castle Greysquirrel.

PharmacyMichele said...

Can you imagine explaining that to Customs??!!


Anonymous said...

In hot climes, daytime has an easy pace but all comes alive with evening .....whew! wise choices prevailed on the gift front! ....ahh,those balmy evenings ...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Sounds like heaven at midnight boyz! Loving that snooker ornament! JantheFan x