Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nigel’s Yearns For A Home Grown Peach!

Nigel is very much taken by all the exotic flora and fauna that we pass each day on our way to the beach ………namely of the food bearing variety
Sadly, the grounds of Castle Greysquirrel do not tend to yield any fruit, unless you count the apple tree that over hangs the fence, but then the apples are usually well gone before they drop into our pastures and are then generally only fit for the birds.
No ……..  Nigel is doing an awful lot of sighing about how totally romantic it would be, to just go out into the garden and pick a fresh nectarine or peach for his breakfast ……. or lunchbox
I have to agree with him, there is little romance to be found in the fresh fruit section of the Village Tesco Express …… but alas Wolverhampton is Wolverhampton and Greece is Greece where the growing of exotic fruits is concerned and never the twain shall meet!! 


Mr.D said...

Should Nigel be encouraged to get a greenhouse?

PharmacyMichele said...

Maybe Nigel could start with growing a sunflower then progress to fruit?!


Anonymous said...

Love fresh peaches...luckily our grocery has them all summer ....dream on, Nigel; they are delicious and worth wishing for ....Greece has goodies on every corner!....Dianne