Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Wolverhampton Duvet Day!!!!

Before we resume our hectic commute between Wolverhampton and Evesham, Nigel decided to take himself off to town to get a haircut, and buy some new felt pens, which is what, he says, you always do in September when the schools go back, even if you don’t go to school yourself, it’s just reassuring to know that you have some …….. and then he thought he might have a mooch round the market ……
IMG_3802…….. and noticed a phenomanomanomanomena ……..
IMG_3803…… it seemed as though every single stall had duvets ….. and not just a few ……..
IMG_3801…….. there were mountains and mountains and mountains of them!!!!
IMG_3804And, they were selling fast!!!!!  I got a sense that when Nigel got home he could have very easily been caught in all the excitement, thinking that it would have been rude not too …… however, the prospect of man handling a mahoooosive new duvet back for each of us home on the bus proved a little too daunting, even for Nigel …….. though Darrell and I will probably remind him of his reticence and lack of bravado when we a shivering under old old duvets when nights get cold!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

That is a vast number of duvets.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-let hope it doesn't get too chilly or Nigel will start feeling guilty.


Anonymous said...

Do the stall holders selling the duvets know something we don't know???? Is it going to be a long, hard, cold winter and then some??? JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Mountain is the operative word here!.....never saw so many......one duvet on a bus would be almost impossible but multiples? .... sadly, don't think it could be done .....but they do look cozy to snuggle in come winter......Dianne