Thursday, 17 September 2015

Caught In The Act ……

Today, I think I will leave you to come up with your own a punch line for these pictures ………..
Nigel’s excuse, when caught in the act, was that he had an overwhelming craving something sweet ……..
……. and then wondered if we should get one of “those” testing kits he had seen in Poundland to see if there was a reason for his said “craving” …….. I’ll give him blooming cravings!!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

He's sweet enough already.
His eyes are bigger than his belly.
Check that he hasn't got any other cravings like chocolate, ice cream or coal - you could be in for a miracle.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think you should call Nigel's bluff & take him to your GP so he can explain all about his "cravings "!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy sugar cane!....looks as though Nigel got on the Sugarland Express and is going to the end of the line!.......only Nigel could survive that sugar rush!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Does he need any help with those? - one willing to be a volunteer to check the quality is up to standard. JantheFan x