Saturday, 12 September 2015

Emotion From An Unexpected Corner At Our Last Greek upper

After our final farewell to the beach, we headed into town for our last cocktail and Greek meal ……
…….. and it was not until we sat down that I began to gauge the full depth of Nigel’s emotion for our last night.
He perused the menu and made his considered choice, a double Greek mixed grill with all the trimmings ………
…… and then broke down. We had found Darrell’s holey stone, we had been to church and lit a candle, and we had started a new tradition of toasting our holiday on our last night, but he sobbed, we had forgotten to send our tradition message in a bottle …….. which, of course, we had and I couldn’t quite believe it myself that we had been so remiss either, and I had underestimated how much it meant to Nigel.
I knew we wouldn’t have time in the morning to do it, so said to Nigel that over the years our  “message in the bottle” quota must account for almost half the messages that are bobbing their way across the worlds oceans, so we really ought to give someone else a chance and wait a while to see if we actually get any answers …… and then next year, we would make an extra, extra extra special one.
My reasoning seemed to work, and Nigel’s spirits were soon restored, …….. restored enough for him to to plough through his mahoooosive last “tea”, amidst much admiration from the restaurant staff ……. his little mind now firmly focused on plans for next years bottle!!!  What is he like?????


Mr.D said...

What a huge meal. It looks as though Nigel has eaten more than his body weight in one sitting. Where does he put it all?

You have me got me singing a certain song by The Police.
"Which one?" you ask?

Walking on the moon, of course.

PharmacyMichele said...

Phew- I think you might have just got away with the "missing message in a bottle " this year!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor Nigel and his broken heart ......thank goodness his appetite was in tact and none the worse for all the emotional wear and tear regarding tradition, or the lack of!.......Dianne