Tuesday, 22 September 2015

An Autumnal Village Affair …..

With Nigel away embracing the pleasures of Sunny Bude, and peace and tranquillity ensuing,  I thought I might as well take myself off to the village Autumn Fair, a new venture for the church across the road ……
…….. and well, it would be rude not to go!
I have to admit, it was rather quiet, and I know it’s probably not quite in the right spirit, but I rather hoped that it boded well for my finding a few bargains before anyone else noticed there was something going on.
And perhaps the chances of my winning the odd prize or two would be a little more stacked in my favour, though I very much appreciate the excitement of a bottle tombola, I have yet to win more than a bottle of tomato ketchup!
But, as per usual, the tickets I picked were yet again strangers to the thrill of a prize!
So I decided that I might do better on the “Prize Every Ticket” stall instead, after all, I was guaranteed a win!!!
I drew out No.22, and was handed a small, interesting  parcel which I decided to open when I got home to prolong the anticipation!!!!
I felt that my luck was now on a roll, and also partook in the raffle to win a very ample chocolate hamper, the contents of which would certainly not go unappreciated Chez Castle Greysquirrel, and will await the phone call to say I have won!!!
And finally,  I thought I would take a scone or two home for tea for Darrell and I, served with, perhaps, some strawberry jam and squirty cream, a far cry from the Cornish clotted cream Nigel is no doubt enjoying, but an autumnal treat nevertheless. I think the real winner on the day however  was our beloved little Iris, as I was able to find a huge pile of new books and jigsaws for her, something new to take down to Evesham for her this week. I am particularly looking forward to hearing how Darrell tackles reading Iris “Madame Prudente” particularly as it is written in French.
Oh…..  and my “Prize Every Ticket” prize ?……. Erm, it was a Union J charm bracelet. To be honest it isn’t “quite” me, and I am not sure it is “quite” Darrell either, perhaps I’ll just keep it and pop it in a cracker at Christmas!!!!


Mr.D said...

Unlucky, apart from the books.

You will have to get Hugh to help with the French pronunciation and proper accent.

Dianne said...

Always something special about Autumn Fairs hopefully on a crisp cool but sunny day....looks like a lovely bounty of goodies! ....autumn is illusive here as we hope for days below 90F! .....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I'm sure you had fun taking part in all the games, good luck with the books!


marc said...

owhat fun big love marc