Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nigel, Supporting Our Charity Of Choice

There is a large RNLI shop on the beach down the road from Beth’s House and seeing as the RNLI is our charity of choice Nigel thought it would be rude not to pay it a visit and purchase a little thing or two.
After a very loooooooooong mooch and considered peruse Nigel finally decided to purchase a couple of badges to go with his large collection of badges.
He was well chuffed ………
……. and decided to put one on there and then.
He then decided to check out the Lifeguard board to see if the conditions were conducive to a cheeky paddle. The air and water temperature were, to be honest,  a touch chilly, especially as he had only bought his trunks with him to Bude, and sadly does not possess a fancy rubber suit, the wind direction and tide times seemed OK ……..
….. but the note that added that the sea was “FLAT” that morning “BUT the swell is coming”  sounded a little ominous ……..
…….. so he decided it best to give it a miss, just in case, as waves of Cornish strength and proportions are not a thing we have ever encountered during our more recent holidays in Greece!


Di said...

Oh good grief! Imagine someone at midnight, reading this in her nightwear/flannelette PJs just before hopping into bed - and then cracking up over the lack of Nigel's rubber suit! :) Oh I did chortle and snigger - dear little chap - best to stay on terra firma if you ask me!

I watch what's going on every single day, and do get stressed if a post is late! Such is my life - watching the fun and games from the sidelines and getting huge pleasure from the antics too :)

Love and waves from Hank and Marvin as well!

Di xx

Mr.D said...

The RNLI was close to Andy's heart too.

"Higel"? A portmanteau word of "Hi" and "Nigel"?

Dianne said...

Quite understandable it was necessary to visit the RNLI in wouldn't want to have missed that opportunity!..... Love the lifeguard badge and perhaps there will be another time to have a paddle! ....Bude has all one could want for a seaside visit to Cornwall.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Love a good mooch in an RNLI shop myself - I tend to come out with way too many pens, pencils, notebooks, cards and the like. I may have to turn my attention to the badges perhaps. I also need a walk on a beach every now and again - as I did yesterday. The sea might have been described as choppy. JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely badge & great charity to support. So no paddling for Nigel?! Don't blame him given the conditions.