Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Nigel Thinks He Is A Born Greek Gastropod???????? ……

Each day yields the most wonderful a Grecian gastronomic experiences for us all, which no one can ever accuse us of not embracing ……
greek rice puddingAnd yesterday Nigel certainly embraced, he embraced a lot  …… starting by trying a Greek Rice Pudding on the beach for his mid morning snack …..
greek rice pudding.….. and  ended up sighing, a little sadly, that his usual “Ambrosia” would never, ever, ever be the same again,  and then started humming “Nothing compares to you”, until Darrell threatened to bury him in the sand, head first, unless he stopped!
Then, at midday he decided to avail himself of a small portion of deep fried peppers, which he pronounced were “Delish! and adding ketchup, as is often his want,  would have been most rude!!!
snack 3.He had, he said  “A little space” with which to help share Darrell’s mid afternoon slice of Cheese Pie, if he (Darrell) didn’t think he could finish it!!! (Please excuse greasy, but satisfying smudge on camera)
And then,  in the evening, après cocktail ….. and after perusing the menu for an absolute age ……
grill 2…… he finally opted for small Greek Mixed Grill, because, he reasoned, he could sample a little of everything, on one plate, at the same time, instead of ordering each part separately, as starters!!
grillBy rights, he should be the size of an absolute bus and I don’t know where he puts it, but Nigel hasn’t put on an ounce of weight since he joined us all those Christmases ago!  What is he like?
But, I did have to say no to his suggestion that he might be able to fit in a tub or two of extra thick Greek yoghurt as a midnight snack as he gazed at the stars on our balcony before bed  ……. I said, quite forcibly for me, that I thought he could wait till breakfast for yohurt!  He looked glum, but resigned, and watched the stars, just swinging his feet and humming ….. and not nomming!!!!


Mr.D said...

What an appetite.

His eyes are bigger than his belly, as my mother used to say.

PharmacyMichele said...

Lucky Nigel not having to worry about his weight! All the food looks delicious so I'd definitely come home the size of a bus.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks absolutely delicious oh my,that cheese pie!....the pleasures of Greece couldn't be resisted even by those with the strongest of dieting will power...lucky Nigel!..being a food-wise bottomless pit is a blessing when in Greece! ....Dianne