Monday, 14 September 2015

Darrell And Nigel Review Jacob’s Cracker Crisps

One day back from our holiday and we are already in the thick of it!!! …As you know, when we “retired” from work, Darrell decided to enrol us as reviewers for BzzAgent as a sort of hobby to keep us in the know as to the latest consumer trends and keep/put us right in the epicentre of any social media buzz! of import.  So you can imagine our tangible and palpable excitement when we found we had been selected to review all the different flavours of new Jacob’s Cracker Crisps.
Jacobs Cracker CrispsWe’d seen them on the tele, but never in a millions years did we think that we would be reviewing them in real life!!!
overwhelmed by choiceWhen our box arrived, it was decided that Darrell and Nigel’s should be the reviewers, what with Darrell’s keen palate  and Nigel’s voracious appetite!  At first it was hard for them to know where to start, with all the different flavours ……
IMG_2922…… but in the end, after some debate, none of which was heated, they plumped to sample the Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar flavour first.
IMG_2923Crisp or cracker
Determined to do it right,  there was much palate cleansing, before the sampling commenced, and during, to ensure that no flavours were not cross contaminated or pollinated during the process.
IMG_2932The most obvious thing Darrell and Nigel noticed was that the new Cracker Crisps certainly delivered a very crispy, satisfying crunch, no half measures there …..
IMG_2926 ……. and Nigel liked the shapes, which he thought could be used to create interesting things of an artistic type nature, rather like a jigsaw, on his plate (not that we overly recommend the playing with of food)IMG_2938
The flavour was certainly not wishy washy, Darrell described it as “full bodied”, “tangy” and “unmistakably salt and vinegar”, but, both Darrell and Nigel found that they slightly sweet aftertaste which neither liked very much.
IMG_2967So after little deliberation Nigel and Darrell finally agreed on a score of 5 noms out of 10 on our Richter Scale of Noms for said Cracker Crisps.
Jacobs Cracker Crisps Thai Sweet ChilliIMG_2936
The next flavour to go under Darrell and Nigel’s exacting scrutiny was the Thai Sweet Chilli, which admittedly is not one of those flavours that we admittedly go for when perusing the savoury snack shelf.
And, after much studying of the packet ………
…….. and nibbling, Nigel and Darrell agreed that the flavour was OK, it didn’t have the after taste of the Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, but would never be their flavour of choice.  It was here that Nigel began to question whether Cracker Crisps were the sort of snack we would get out while watching X Factor or Celebrity Big Brother and keep hoping that the bag would come back to you …… could they, he asked, be regarded as moreish? AND finally …….were Cracker Crisps a cracker or a crisp????
IMG_2929Well, to answer the last question first …… Cracker Crisps were in Nigel’s and Darrell’s opinion most definitely a cracker and not a crisp …… and as such, they really didn’t think that they would be our first choice of savoury snack for passing round during our TV viewing,  although obviously a baked comestible could be regarded as the more healthy option, for us crisps tend to win over a cracker most of the time. And as for moreish, possibly no ….. one or two, five or six ….. but Darrell and Nigel thought that would suffice, before they’d fancy a nibble of something else!!!!!IMG_2966In the end, Darrell and Nigel opted to award the Thai Sweet Chilli Cracker Crisps a slightly disappointing,  but wholly honest, 4 noms out of 10.
Jacobs Cracker Crisps Sour Cream and ChiveIMG_2935
And finally to the Sour Cream and Chive flavour, well let’s say they ticked all Nigel and Darrell’s savoury boxes …… Darrell said that they would certainly be very moreish if served with a complimentary creamy dip, as the flavour would “enhance, rather than confuse!!!!!!” He also added that they would be a welcome addition to the buffet table of any of our impromptu soirees.
IMG_2928The flavour was the outstanding favourite of Darrell and Nigel after all their deliberations …..
IMG_2964……. which is reflected in their final scoring, of a very impressive 9.5 noms out of 10!!!
IMG_2953…….. leaving only a few crumbs on their sampling plate!
* We received free packets of New Jacob’s Cracker Crisps from BzzAgent in exchange for writing a review on our blog. 
Any views or opinions are entirely personal and belong solely to Darrell and Nigel and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that Darrell and Nigel may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity.  All content is informational purposes only. Darrell and Nigel make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information divulged in this review or are liable for any errors or omissions to this information nor for the availability of this information.


Mr.D said...

The Sour Cream and Chive would probably get my vote too.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-one day back at home & you are straight to work! I've been pondering wether to try these-now I know what flavour to go for!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely welcome home adventure!... Favourite flavour combination so definitely would be the sour cream and chive Cracker Crisps for me....crackers that are especially crispy are an improvement over a regular old cracker.....a savoury dip is also a great addition at snack time! .....lucky you with this chance to review yummy snacks; but then you are definitely the go to persons for this assignment .....glad you chose to accept it!.....Dianne

marc said...

Off to buy Some for Hugh when he gets back Big love marc