Thursday, 3 September 2015

To Greek Coiffure Or Not To Greek Coiffure

As you know, Evesham has “Derek’s”, (the hairdresser), one Evesham’s and Darrell’s as yet unexplored pleasures ……… and it seems that Nidri has “George”
Darrell spotted this sign on one of our evening promenades and was very sorely tempted, being a stranger to the Greek coiffure, and he said “It would look rude not to try it!” …….. However, on this occasion, the call of a Strawberry Daiquiri was little more urgent and robust than the snip of a Greek pair of scissors!!!!  Perhaps another year!


Mr.D said...

Wise decision to give it a miss.
You don't need to know the Greek for "Something for the weekend sir?"

Anonymous said...

Might just be best to casually check out some of George's work before you make a commitment .... hooray for that great diversion! ....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Probably wiser to leave a visit to a hairdresser until you return home-less tears!