Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Most Romantic And Apt Moon Especially At The Time Of Year ……

Last night Nigel popped over to the shops to get the local evening paper and another box of Mr Kipling Witches Hat (£1 a box), when he noticed the moon …….
Our pictures don’t do it any justice at all, because in real life it was mahoooosively large and a bright, bright (please pardon the expression) bloody red ……..
Nigel said that though it was undoubtedly very romantic, he also thought that it might be “….an omen of an untowardly foreboding type nature ……..
……… indicative of the days as they draw closer and closer to Halloween!”I really don’t know where he gets his imagination from ….. but just in case we have put a jar of “easy garlic” in the porch of Castle Greysquirrell to ward off any rampant marauding warlocks and vampires.  We had to use a jar of easy garlic as we have run out of  fresh garlic cloves, fingers crossed the “easy” variety works just as well!!!


Mr.D said...

Garlic also wards off mosquitoes.

Di said...

Snigger, we're thinking of posting you guys a net of real garlic cloves - if only to upset Royal Mail a tad :)


Hank and Marvin

PharmacyMichele said...

Not sure what you're feeding Nigel these days, but he does have a very active imagination!


Dianne said...

That Halloween-harvest moon does lead to flights of fancy and Nigel will pilot those flights to all sorts of romantic and spooky imagination destinations!........pure enchantment when the moon is full.......Dianne