Friday, 30 October 2015

And So …. Hugh Embraces Zee Journey From Wolverhampton To Evesham

Hugh couldn’t remember the last time he had travelled by train (if ever), helicopters; mais qui, chauffer driven limo; assurément  ….. and as for having to buy ones own ticket, well, on this occasion  he just sat aghast and watched Darrell do it for him (just this once), commenting on how clever Darrell was, with “….. all zees routes and all zee changey wangey things! My ‘ed” he said “Is, ‘ow you say, done in, no?”!!!!!!
IMG_6273We thought, as this was Hugh’s first time,  it would be best if Hugh was accompanied by Nigel, who is now an expert expert in the intricacies of the four change route!!!IMG_6270Hugh was at once fearful, on reaching the first station, to find out that not only had they to negotiate four changes of train, but that they may also have to face the peril of fallen leaves ….. and hopefully, not the wrong sort of fallen leaves!!!!
IMG_6275But Nigel told him to chill and just make sure he didn’t let loose of their tuck bag full of carefully selected snacks to nibble on, en-route.
IMG_6277The first journey from our village to Wolverhampton was only 9 minutes, so not long enough to get all that peckish, or on the other hand, need a sick bag. On arrival, Nigel told Hugh, that the next train was “in” so it would be a seamless “off one, on to another” operation.
IMG_6279On the Wolverhampton to Galton Bridge leg of their journey (another 10 –12 minutes or so), Nigel almost fell of his seat when Hugh asked when the stewardess would be along to check if they needed anything, as he wouldn’t mind a blanket to keep ‘is legs warm and that an ‘ed rest wouldn’t go amiss,  to which Nigel responded with an incredulous  “Huuuuuuuuuuuuugh …… what are you like??????”
IMG_6283There was about a 20 minutes wait at their next station, Galton Bridge, a maze of stairways and lifts and platforms on two levels over a canal!!! Nigel dragged the suitcase along, while Hugh meandered with their tuck bag, musing that cruises on Simone Cowelle’s yacht around the med were romantic and  exciting, yes, but nothing to compare to this!
IMG_6286The Galton Bridge to Worcester Shrub Hill journey was pretty quiet, and the longest part of their journey on one train, so, what better place to avail themselves of a snack or two ……. “Only one more train (Worcester to Evesham) and then a short walk to Snake Mountain!” sighed Nigel ….. dreaming of being on one of Hugh’s helicopter rides!!!! Hugh was lovely …….. but quite, quite exhausting!!!


Mr.D said...

Wrong sort of leaves.
Wrong sort of snow.
Right sort of snacks, one hopes.
Don't tell Hugh about first class train carriages.

Dianne said...

Whew! a whole new learning experience for Hugh (and Nigel, too)to further Hugh's education regarding the "well lived ordinary life"....Nigel is a wonderful guide and Hugh won't be forgetting this train trip!.....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Well now-this journey will give Hugh something to talk about with his show business friends!!! Can't wait to hear (& see) what's he's like with Baby Iris.


marc said...

every one is looking for Hugh he has been absent without leave he is desperately wanted to play a part in the spin offs of the harry potter films which are very hush hush and being filmed as we talk but they want him so much they can green screen him in later but dont tell him and every major company across the land have staring parts in panto for him he can pick any part he wants at any fee ,but DONT TELL HIM the rest will do him good and also maybe this down to earth real life living will bring The old Hugh back so AGAIN I TELL YOU DONT TELL HIM LET HIM SWEAT A BIT theres plenty of time HE HAS ALL OF NOVEMBER Hugh knows every panto off by heart be it buttons or a dame he only needs one read throw to nail the character and with his photographic memory he can learn his lines in a hour so you wounderful boys keep him with you for a while longer big love his men who do marc and rick