Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Darrell Indulges In A Little Darrell Time …..

With much talk of Nigel’s adventures in Bude I think Darrell has been suffering from a little clotted cream envy of late ……….
……. so much so, that he decided to book a table, all to himself, at Gluttons in Tettenhall to indulge in some gentile, unencumbered Darrell time …….
IMG_5967……. with an afternoon cream tea for two, for one!!!!!!
Let’s just say, it did not disappoint!
Darrell said, on his return, that he had indeed found himself again after a hectic couple of weeks and that he managed to reconnect to his inner Paul Hollywood/Mary Berry! What is he like?
After sampling a little of all that was proffered on his three tier cake stand, he decided to finish on an ultimate high, to wit the scone with cream and jam.  He said that he couldn’t be bothered to worry about the etiquette involved in which order to place the cream and the jam on his scone  …. he just went for the butter, jam and cream approach ….. before swirling it all together with his knife ……..
It was his tea party and he would swirl if he wanted to …..nom nom nom!!!! And no, he didn’t eat EVERYTHING on the table,  he asked for a doggy bag and bought most of it back to Castle Greysquirrel for Nigel’s and my tea, which was most welcome …… after all, a cake shared is a cake halved, or thirded in our case!


Mr.D said...

Darrell will be putting on weight, just like Nigel.

PharmacyMichele said...

Everything looks scrumptious & I'm surprised that Darrell managed to leave anything, not sure I would have done!


Dianne said...

Aha, self indulgence of the confectionary/ baked treats type plus some sharing with loved ones.....what could be better? ...we get the British Bake Off with Paul and Mary here, too....a loaded three tiered cake stand is the stuff of dreams...... Darrell's choices look super delicious....swirl away, Darrell! ....Dianne