Thursday, 8 October 2015

Nigel Fills His Boots At Rosie’s Kitchen

With Nigel’s holiday in Bude sadly drawing Nigh, Beth suggested that she took him for a slap up meal at Rosie’s Kitchen down on the beach, a place that they had not yet availed themselves of.
IMG_5020It did not disappoint, with Nigel describing it as being most romantic in a seasidey type way …… and saying that there’s something wistful about seaside bunting that makes him sigh uncontrollably and wish his bedroom back at Castle Greysquirrel was festooned with masses of it too, with, perhaps, a few fairy lights intermingled here and there, for good measure, bless him!IMG_5017Beth told Nigel to fill his boots, the onion rings, and anything else he fancied were on her!
IMG_5018And Nigel being Nigel did not want to appear rude ……..
IMG_5019So, he did just that, several times over, including cheesy chips!  Let’s just say that he took the walk back from the beach to Beth’s house very slowly indeed ……..
……. and was very grateful when her front bench came within view.
He does enjoy his scam does our Nigel!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Looking at the final picture, Nigel took off his boots and filled them with food.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think Nigel is going to need to go on a diet when he returns home...!!!


Dianne said...

Love onion rings and when enjoyed with that wonderful seaside bunting, how could it be any better? .....awww, poor Nigel, with the bracing sea air and Rosie's super offerings, it would be just about impossible not to stuff oneself silly!....Dianne