Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hugh Perks Up A Tad, Thanks To Darrell!!!

In an effort to help take Hugh’s mind off his flagging showbiz morale,  Darrell had a quick flick through the local free newspaper and found that there was a small craft fayre in the next village and suggested, that a little retail therapy of a homemade type nature, along with filling his lungs with fresh Midlands air, might do Hugh the power of goodIMG_5415At first, it wasn’t easy to gauge Hugh’s level of enthusiasm for the event …… was he just being polite and going along just to avoid offending us?
IMG_5418It was hard to tell ….. as his mood was subdued to say the least.
IMG_5419However, after wandering around for a bit, a stall selling homemade jams and pickles caught his attention and seemed to lift his spirit, in fact I am sure I caught a glimpse of that  old Hugh twinkle in his eye. “Ooo woo woo zis is sooooooo exciting” he sighed “I wonder if zey deliver?”  Sadly, they did not deliver,  but it didn’t stop Hugh loading Darrell and I down by buying three or four of absolutely everything, assigning each jar, one by one, to his countless showbiz friends …… “Oowwww, Simone ‘e loves loves loves zee lemon curd no?  And Eltonnnnnn ‘e is always moaning zat ‘e can’t get zee decent gooseberry and ginger preserve anywhere for zee love or zee money ….. and as for zee Laydeeeeee Madonna, she is zee sucker for zee odd pickledy h’egg after zee yoga session no!!!! Zis, zis is better zan even zee Harolds Food Hall no?”
IMG_5416By now Hugh was positively enthusing,  and while Darrell and I left him temporarily to take his considerable haul of purchases back to the car, Hugh was drawn like a moth to a flame by the sight of green gingham, and had moved on to the homemade fudge stall …… and was buying said fudge by the tray, not the 100g bag, to take back to Notting Hill, with plans of a fudge infused soiree taking seed in his brain!
IMG_5420And the icing on the cake? Two ladies spotting Hugh in the crowd, wondering “if it was or it wasn’t”, before finally realising “it was” and coming over to ask for a selfie and asking if he would mind awfully saying hello to their aunt if they called her up!  Hugh was only to happy to oblige and offered them both a piece of maple and walnut fudge, which they swore never, ever to eat!!!
Good call Darrell, you done gud ……. now all we need to do is find some packing cases!!!


Mr.D said...

The jams sound wonderful.
I hope Hugh perks up soon. Will letting Nigel loose on him cheers him up?

PharmacyMichele said...

Sounds like Darrell made the right choice & all the stall holders would have been thrilled by the amount Hugh was purchasing!


Dianne said...

High praise indeed for all those wonderful offerings! glad to see Hugh's enthusiasm for " zee good life" is getting back on tract.....without doubt he can be assured his loyal following will be with him anytime, anywhere.....Hugh's zest for all that's artistic and creative will never let him down!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Darrell seems to be able to perk up many people.