Monday, 5 October 2015

Old Blue Eyes Is Back!?!?

We’ve always said, that since we have started exploring and getting to know the many pleasures of Evesham, it is quite a spooky sort of town of a Derek Acorah type nature ……..
……. And our thoughts seem to be confirmed further by the festive entertainments currently being advertised round said town.  Now, Darrell is 99% sure that Frank Sinatra popped his clogs in 1998, because he Googled it, so, by our reckoning that makes him nigh on pretty dead ……. HOWEVER, according to this board he will be “appearing” at the Regal Cinema on the 12th December …… in what “form” the evening will be taking, we are a not sure, but it could be a very interesting event, should we wish to avail ourselves of a ticket or two.
It also has to be said that the writing on the board has a certain spooky quality to it too …….. all very mysterious in Most Haunted type way!


Mr.D said...

I'm sure there will be lots of great songs to enjoy.

marc said...

o they are always making some sort of come back they are so last 3 decade dont wast ones pennies on them they are def the dead rat pack big air kiss hugh

Dianne said...

Hmmmmmm,ole blue eyes does get around ......not sure how it can happen, but no doubt his music will always be around.....after all, he did it his way!.....Dianne