Thursday, 15 October 2015

For Sale - Seen In Shop Window

I have had to say a very firm, categorical and most robust “No” to Darrell after he saw this advert in an Evesham shop window.
IMG_5883We do not need 50 mixed canaries, no matter how cute and the ominous sounding  “around” makes me think that said canaries may have been a bit hard to count, so there could very well be more!
IMG_5882If I find out that Darrell has phoned up “just” to enquire how much they are after I have expressly forbade it …… he will be in BIG BIG trouble!!!!


Mr.D said...

1. What is a "mixed canary?"
2. Around 50. Is this their age?

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear- this could all end in tears. Let's hope Darrell has followed your strict instructions.


Dianne said...

Dear me, not sure who would want 50 canaries......a lot of chirping and tweeting there .......might be overwhelming in Castle Greysquirrel; might be wise to point out to Darrell the work involved cleaning all those cages!...bound to have a sobering effect to think that might well be a full time job!...Dianne