Friday, 16 October 2015

Halloween Starts To Spring Forth In Evesham

Evesham Halloween Windows...Evesham is certainly getting into the Halloween spirit ……..
IMG_5881…… all the shops seem to have a some sort of seasonal display in their windows……
Evesham Halloween Windows.……. and so, as you might imagine, Nigel is in his absolute element ……..
Ghost windows Evesham……. and doesn’t mind at all if we send him out for milk or nappies, although he does tend to get a little bit distracted, which means it often takes him an awful lot longer, so it’s no use sending him if we want something of an urgent type nature!IMG_5880We also have to admit to being a little envious, because our village doesn’t do anything like this at Halloween …… and so can’t wait to see what happens at Christmas!
IMG_5879Obviously Nigel is getting very excited, and no doubt he is now thinking about donning the pumpkin outfit our dear friend Dianne in sunny and romantic Florida sent him last year……..vesham Halloween Windows.2…….. although I am not sure if it would be really advisable for him to wear it on the train with all the going backwards and forwarding we have to do. I’d hate someone to mistake him for the real thing and try and turn him into pumpkin soup or putting him in a pie!!!


Mr.D said...

Will that wonderful pumpkin outfit from Dianne still fit him after all those pasties.
As they almost sing at football matches:
"Who ate all the pies?"

Mr.D said...
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Dianne said...

Looks like Evesham is already in full out Halloween mode! ........ going to be lots of Halloween fun and good times ahead, but Nigel might have to watch out for those calorie laden treats .....know dear Iris's Nan will be carving a great pumpkin jack o' lantern!....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I think Nigel would have to be very careful if he dresses up-imagine Pumpkin + Nigel soup?! Doesn't bare thinking about!!!!