Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Some Things You Don’t Have To Go Quite So Far Away From Home To Enjoy!!!

Nigel is now returned to the bosom of his family, and after a rapid turnaround in Wolverhampton we are all back in  Evesham. But, if we have heard about the joys of the Cornish Pasty once, especially  the ones he availed himself of and nommed, we’ve heard about them a thousands times …….
Proper Pasty Co Evesham…….. but Darrell has finally been able to silence him ………
medium Cornish Pasty Cornish Pasty Co…….. because, be it quite a way from the pleasures of Cornwall, Evesham actually does have a Cornish pasty shop of its very own!  However, Nigel’s future consumption will need to be carefully monitored …… because when we weighed him we found that he has put on a full three ounces , in the time he has been away, and that’s an awful lot, when you are Nigel sized!!!!


Di said...

Snort - oh Nigel, it's lettuce leaves for you for a while :)


Di xx

Mr.D said...

Back in the bosom of his family.
And it is a big bosom.
Those pasties look wonderful.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-that's a lot of Cornish pasties & cream teas he's been eating!!


Dianne said...

Gosh oh gee, with Nigel bustin' out all over, it will be a terrible trial to have to pass Evesham's contribution to the Cornish pasty!....they do look delicious; best bypass that street for awhile ......poor Nigel's mouth will be watering every time he sees one!..Dianne