Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nigel Pays A Visit To The Lock Gates Tea Room

Beth suggested that she and Nigel took a stroll down to the Lock Gates Tea Room which was near the end canal, right by  the sea.
Beth told Nigel it was where she helped to wash up every other Wednesday, when it was Bikers Night.
Nigel thought that it sounded like the most romantic evening ever, the smell of leather, shiny chrome and roaring exhausts, and Beth thought that he would have fitted in very well amongst all the Bikers, but, unfortunately, his visit was in the wrong week!!!
However, as a wide range of full-bodied cake was still on offer, it would look most rude not to wander over.Nigel was very impressed by the decor, and said that Darrell would have loved it too ………..
…… it was all pale grey, white and seasidey, with local artists work on display and for sale.The atmosphere was so lovely, friendly, it made him, he said, feel all “chillaxed of an early Autumn Cornish holiday type nature!”
And ….. the cake display was, as Beth had said, did not disappoint!
It has to be said that it took Nigel quite a while to make his considered lunch time choice. A Cornish clotted cream tea would have been nice, but there again, it would have been the sixth of his holiday so far, and though he didn’t want to admit it, he was feeling a little clotted cream and sconed out.
In the end it had to be a Italian Meat Ciabatta, a slight deviation from the Cornish cuisine he had been embracing………
……. but with a strong pot of Cornish tea served in a real china cup and saucer!
Cornwall, sighed Nigel, was just getting betterer and betterer and yielded so many pleasures that perhaps next year we should consider giving Greece the big heave ho in favour of more closer climes.


Mr.D said...

I think I would have had yet another Cornish clotted cream tea.
(Who is the clot that they keep on talking about?)

PharmacyMichele said...

Not sure I could have resisted a cream tea, regardless of how many I'd already had. Nigel must have amazing willpower!


Dianne said...

Lucky You,Another super great Cornish day with a Romantic by the Sea tea room with delicious menu choices .....your lunch choice does look especially yummy!...... appetites seem stronger and food tastes better when you have a view of the sea...sorry you missed the bikers but the lovely decor was a definite plus.....who doesn't love the beauty and romance of Cornwall?! ....Dianne

Dianne said...

PS two of my favourite poster pictures ever are vintage Cornwall travel posters..... Dianne

Anonymous said...

All looks deslish Nige, shame you missed the bikers but then again you might have had to help with the washing up - goodness gracious what a thought - washing up whilst on holiday - it's just not done! - and yes support the UK economy and have a staycation next year! :) JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

This is a famous old poster: