Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tackling A Pithy Subject

It’s seems like Hugh has been with us forever, he has perked up quite considerably, but he has not shown any sign of wanting to return to his showbiz life in Notting Hill, which has put us in a “slight” quandary regarding our frequent toing and froing to Evesham to help look after Baby Iris.
So, yesterday, Darrell and I decided to sit Hugh down to tentatively ask about any plans he might have. He said that he still didn’t feel up to zee bright lights just yet, but, that his agent had told him that he had some interesting propositions on the table, including a stint in the jungle …….. which he was considering, but in “zee” mean time, could he possibly stay with us just a tiny weeny insy bit longer. Well, what could we say??????
But then, we felt we had to throw Evesham in the mix. How did Hugh feel about sharing a few baby minding duties with us and spending part of the week in the aforementioned Garden of England?  Hugh went very quiet, you could tell he was thinking. “I ‘ave never been to zee Evesham, alzough, it is not too far from my County Pile no?” he replied “It could be zee big adventure no? But ……. I ‘ave not zee experience with zee babies, zay are a bit of, how you say, an enigma to me no?, Ooooooo la la!” He politely excused himself, got up, and said he was just going for zee little walk, to “clear ‘is ed”!
Which left Darrell and I worried that, perhaps, we had, unwittingly, sent Hugh back to square one  ….. with talk zee babies, no!!!!!!!!
So, all we could do was wait anxiously for Hugh’s return.
But we didn’t have to wait long before Hugh's triumphant return, he had nipped to the shops and had come back with presents for Baby Iris. Yes, he would love to come to zee Evesham with us …..
…… and, with his much considered choice of gifts he said he could help Iris learn all that he knew about fine dining, hosting the perfect dinner party and how to take afternoon tea!!!!!!!! What is he like?
He had also bought Iris some little Nordic style socks, which he said were so on trend this season that it was absolutely ridicuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulous!  And Iris was going to be sooooooooooooo on trend if he had anything to do with it!
So, I guess that’s settled, Hugh is joining us officially on our frequent jaunts to Evesham ……. how robustly exciting is that???????


PharmacyMichele said...

I'm thinking Baby Iris could have a new fan, can't wait to hear what Hugs reaction is when he gets to Evesham.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure baby Iris will put a spring in the step of Hugh. Who can resist her charms???? JantheFan x

Dianne said...

A whole new experience for Hugh that will bring all sorts of rewards......he will fall under dear Iris's spell and and a new world will open!....good times ahead for Hugh....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I reckon Baby Iris will cheer Hugh up a treat. They will be great for each other.