Friday, 23 October 2015

After The Night Before ……

After last night, we all felt it best if we took things rather quietly and more sedately! However, rather than just sit and nurse our sore heads,……. and, still concerned about Hugh’s uncharacteristically muted demeanour, I suggested that he might like to join me in a little decopatching, a pastime  I find rather comforting when I have things to mull over, hoping that perhaps Hugh, in a more relaxed frame of mind, might open up a little to me!
IMG_5457But, I got the feeling, by the far away look in his eyes, that Hugh had only agreed to help me to be polite ……. and to be honest, we didn’t get very far.
IMG_5459…….. as Hugh’s melancholic mood began to rub off on me …………… until, that is,  I felt compelled to say to him “Hugh, your heart isn’t really in this is it?  It’s OK …….would you like to talk instead?”
IMG_5458Hugh sighed and then looked at me and said “I am so, so, so very sorry mon ami, I am afraid I am not zee usual bonbouyant self no? I sink ….. I am having …… zee petit, ‘ow you say, crisis of confidence. I ‘ave been worrying zat I may be getting too old for zee life of showbiz glitz and glamour,  and zat, perhaps, soon my agent will not be getting so many calls no ……. and zen …… oh dear, dear, dear,  I will find zat I am only offered zee pantomime season in Basildon or zee opening of a 99p Shop in Worthing……….. I cannot do zee ‘igh kicks as ‘igh as I used to, and I sink people are noticing, no!!!!”
I thought a while, choosing my words carefully and then told Hugh that I simply thought that he was very tired, and though I know very little about showbiz types, I sort of thought that when they get tired, they also get very emotional and then worry about the tiniest thing!  I told him to stop worrying about where the next air kiss was going to come from and the price of good quality fishnet tights and stay with us for as long as he wanted …….. confident in the fact that it wouldn't be long before our mundane, hum drum life village life would  soon have him heading back to the bright lights of London with renewed and robust vigour!!!!


Mr.D said...

Hugh looks great. He hasn't changed since he was first in Mum's Monkey!

Anonymous said...

We all need a little time out at times to regroup and recharge - these showbiz types are no different. I'm sure a few days with you boyz will soon have him back on form. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

oh dear, poor Hugh.....with life's ups and downs a crisis of confidence does catch us unawares sometimes......the care and support of his dearest friends will be the best sort of medicine......hoping quiet time may help him gain new perspective.... Dianne