Friday, 9 October 2015

Nigel’s Thoughts Turn To Home ….

Nigel took time out yesterday to do a little considered perusing for a few presents to bring home ……
Bude has some very lovely shops ……
……. and despite first appearances, they are also very welcoming!
However, in the end, Nigel decided, quite sensibly, to bring something of a comestible nature home, as he reasoned that a seagull sitting on a rock engraved Bude, may look lovely in a Bude souvenir shop, but once back in Wolverhampton, sat on a shelf, it would probably loose its romantic lustre, and the same could very well apply to a pirate snow globe ………. and after all, he had his holey stone, which was the best holiday souvenir ever.
IMG_5105So a couple of 100grams of Granny Wobbly’s finest fudge it was, a decision made all the more easily by the free samples that Nigel availed himself of ………….
IMG_5106…….. although, I am not sure he was quite meant to consume all of the samples the lady had put out on the tray on the counter!
IMG_5108……… And, I’m not 100% convinced that Darrell and I will actually get to sample said fudge for ourselves after all that, as I have a feeling that it will “worry” Nigel  until it’s all gone and then it will be to late to get anymore!


Mr.D said...

"A seagull sitting on a rock engraved Bude, may look lovely in a Bude souvenir shop." Then again, it may not. A wise choice to leave it on the shelf.

Better to pack some fudge in your bag, rather than in your hand luggage where the temptation may be too great.

PharmacyMichele said...

Hmmmm- not sure you'll be tasting any fudge! Think Nigel might be too tempted by it.


Dianne said...

Dear oh dear, temptations everywhere for Nigel!.....fudge is a super choice but getting it home?...well, that is another story....he might be worrying that it will melt or get squished making periodic taste tests (only to insure it's quality, of course)an absolute necessity!..... let's hope some make it all the way home......Dianne

Dianne said...

Dear oh dear, poor Nigel, temptations everywhere..... fudge was an excellent choice but getting it home is another story......Nigel might be concerned it will melt or be squished en route and find it necessary to taste test it during the trip (only to insure it's quality, of course)!....hoping enough will make it home ......Dianne