Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Totally, Totally, Totally Unexpected Visitor!!!!

Yesterday we were left absolutely and totally gobsmacked! All of our chins must have hit the floor simultaneously, when, at about 3.30 our door bell rang and who did we find stood standing there but Hugh, Darrell’s very flamboyant best friend and mentor, who lives the full showbiz lifestyle in Notting Hill!!!!  And, what flummoxed us even more was that he was sans entourage!!!!! There stood Hugh, all on his own, with just his carpet bag, cutting quite a forlorn figure.
HughThere was something about him that was different, but, what was different we couldn’t quite work out.  “I ‘ope you do not mind, but, I sought I might, perhaps, spend zee day or two avec vous, if it is ‘ow you say, alright, no?”
I have to be say, I thought Hugh definitely sounded out of sorts and appeared decidedly lack lustre. But, this was our beloved Hugh, none the less, and well, we all welcomed him into our ample family bosom!
IMG_5410Darrell and I quickly decided that whatever it was with Hugh, we would leave it for him to tell us, if he wanted and carry on as normal! So, showing that Hugh had taught him well,  Darrell got out his cocktail shaker, angostura bitters and maraschino cherries  ………. and produced a welcome cocktail that pulled out all the stops, which he entitled his Mermaid’s Delight ………….
mermaid cocktail“Oh Darrelle, vart are you like?  You ‘ave zee London style in your blood now and you ‘ave lifted my spirit levels no? I knew I vas right to come and see you!”  ……
And, we just left it at that, no probing questions etc. asked ……. we just supped (I think), an ample sufficiency of Darrell’s very potent cocktails  …… until Nigel finally came to tell us that, at six o’clock in the morning, he thought, it was time we got to our respective beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

How wonderful.
Hugh/Marc visiting Darrell/Mum.

Dianne said...

What an unbelievable surprise to find Hugh on your doorstep!....must be something special for him to seek the company of his best friends ...your friendly welcome and Darrell's cocktail making skill will soon have his spirits headed upward ....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I'm sure that after some time with his very good friends, Hugh will open up and have a honest chat.


Mr.D said...

I'm sure you can cheer him up. Who can fail to be perked up by three monkeys?

Mr.D said...

Darrell will soon have Hugh perky and frisky.