Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Well, this morning we all boarded our mini bus, with thankfully, full air con, bound for Kassiopi, about an hour and a half away. We were very excited and I think we exuded an air of rampant holiday anticipation about us …….
IMG_3082Let’s just say that Kassiopi did not disappoint.
It was stunning …….
……. it had everything …….
…….. boats ……
…… quaint coves with azure blue seas …… plenty of vistas for the odd photo opportunity ……
…… and beautiful restaurants where it would have just been plain rude not to avail ourselves of their menus ………
…… several times over  …… well, it was VERY hot, and therefore most fortuitous that there was a bar or restaurant every few steps, as we found ourselves wilting …… like little precious flowers!!!!
There were so many lovely things to look at and make us sigh at their simple Greek beauty ……
……it was soooooooo romantic.
And, as is tradition on all our holidays, we managed to visit the local church to marvel at it’s beauty, to find peace and have a little quiet reflection as well as light few candles for all those in our hearts who are no longer here to share our holidays with us.
There was a very lovely lady who was able to explain the history of the church and answer all our questions about the various things that caught our eye, not being that aux fait with things of a Greek Orthodox type nature.  Nigel bought some Holy Oil, we are not sure what to do with it, but Nigel thinks he should rub a little on his forehead whenever he is a bit troubled.
We had a brilliant day, it was hard to drag ourselves away from the beach, but Kassiopi was really worth it and bodes well for our next trip to Corfu Town before we have to start thinking about going home.


Mr.D said...

How wonderful!

Greek Orthodox churches often have diptych and triptych paintings. Did you see any?

P.S. We seem to have lost a day. Mrs. D and I are off to Peru and Chile tomorrow. Hopefully we have decent internet as we travel about.

Dianne said...

So beautiful at every turn; that gorgeous blue color of sea and sky!...stunning sights everywhere and peace; perfect place to make your holiday unforgettable....Love to all, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh you do make me dream boyz - another wonderful holiday - thanks for taking us along with you. Enjoying every step with a smile. JantheFan x