Friday, 30 June 2017

Time For Darrell’s Budgie Smugglers To Hit The Beach……

I had delayed the moment a million and one times in my head, but I knew that Darrell and his budgie smugglers would eventually have to expose introduce themselves to the beach  ……….. it had been a long time coming, but this morning, I knew the inevitable was going to happen!
IMG_2953Let’s just say “they” were a snug fit, but for the sake of those of a delicate disposition I was deliberately chose to focus my camera purely on Darrell’s upper torso, telling Darrell it was his best bit!
IMG_2962He strutted about a bit like a proud peacock for the first half hour or so, during which he received, what he perceived to be, quite a few admiring glances,  then I think the novelty wore off …..
IMG_2958……. and he put on his baggier shorts over said smugglers, declaring that he thought he ought to be careful to protect his “least exposed in normal life bits” to the glaring Greek sun.  What is he like?  And, I know I am awful, but I told Nigel that he had been voted in as this holidays honourary sun lotion slapper and rubber in!!!!


Mr.D said...

So they have voted that he is a slapper?
I am pleased we didn't have to see Darrell's bottom half.

PharmacyMichele said...

At least Darrell has had the chance to wear his budgie smugglers, it's gone so cold here that the heating came on this morning!


Dianne said...

Wonderful!...Darrell had his day in the sun and was center stage.....unforgettable holiday memory!....he earned it and must have turned heads and captured the attention of all.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

There will have been a few head turns when Darrell strutted his budgies on the beach, and why not, good for him! Young Nige will be able to do a good bit of slapping with that lotion - hope Monkey and Darrell are ready for him! JantheFan x