Saturday, 7 April 2018

A Poignant Moment In Macys For Nigel?

No visit to New York would be a visit to New York without a trip to Macy’s, the biggest department store in the world…….
…….. so yesterday it was one of Nigel’s ports of call.
Eleven floors was something of a challenge, which meant that Nigel had to be quite selective as to what he wanted to look at, especially as his feet now tend to throb quite easily, without too much effort, these days ………
…….. but at least the old and very romantic clanking, wooden escalators were a welcome respite to take “the weight off”, if only momentarily.
Nigel was very taken by these mini ensembles …….. the New England style, he thought, was something to aspire to when he got home.
But it was on the eighth floor that Nigel had a very poignant and significant moment …………..
…… with the beginnings of Santa’s Grotto 2018  ………. and there was the great man himself ……….
…….. the man who had made Nigel’s 2017 Christmas wish come true, and Nigel then promised himself to write to Santa as soon as he got back to Evesham to say thank you and tell him all about his adventures, and say that he (Santa) had done sooooooo much better than good!
And what did Nigel buy in Macy’s? 
Well, It was all a little overwhelming and Nigel, being Nigel was just happy to have mooched and just settled for rainbow lolly under the watchful gaze of the Statue of Liberty!  What is he like? 


Mr.D said...

Miracle on 34th Street - the original is a classic. The remake is good too.
Macy's or Gimbel's?

Dianne said...

Wise choice..... a Macy memory with every delicious lick of that lollipop! ......Love, Dianne