Friday, 27 April 2018

Food Glorious Food

Nigel reckons he’s put on at least a stone during his New York odyssey …….
He’s done tricolour nachos in a bar just round the corner from his hotel and almost felt like a native, sat sitting on his bar stool.
He’s embraced one or two delis and their multifaceted sandwiches of a lunch time …….
……. and didn’t know where to start at Trader Joe’s in  Chelsea ……..
….. with too many snacks to mention and loads of mooching opportunities ……
……… and discovering that animal crackers really do exist.
He took to heart the advise of a friend to eat as much steak as he could as he would never eat anything like it again anywhere else in the world and in such generous portions, accompanied by mashed potato even more wonderful than Darrell’s.IMG_7177
And then he dared to venture outside his comfort zone…….. lobster was something he had only ever heard Darrell and Hugh talking in hushed terms about bisques and matadors thermidors, ……….
……. but Nigel’s lobster mac and cheese is a dish that will stay in his heart, memory and perhaps even his hips for a long while to come.   I think it might be a good idea to put him on the scales as soon as he gets back!


Mr.D said...

That is one well done steak. Steak and chips for me, please.

Mr.D said...

A stone as a percentage of Nigel's weight? It must be massive.