Thursday, 5 April 2018

Nigel Does A Tiny Weeny Corner Of Central Park

Nigel says Central Park is absolutely mahooooooooosive and that he could never “do” it all, even if he stayed for an entire year, but he has gone all the way round it on the bus!
But, he did do a tiny weeny bit of it last night, just as the sun was going down which made it all the more atmospheric.
It was another goose bumpy moment, after having seen this particular view so many times in films and on TV, however, he says that he really must stop pinching himself as certain parts of him are getting rather bruised.
It was all very, very beautiful and peaceful, in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York, which at times have made poor Nigel quite dizzy. 
Nigel said that he particularly enjoyed reading all the plaques, holding so many memories, on the benches, which made him muse about the people who wrote them and the friends and families they were dedicated to …….. he admitted to shedding a tear or two, feeling, momentarily, a long way from home and his own friends and family, despite having the most wonderful time of his life.
Outdoor ice rinks seem to be very popular in New York, he has already seen the one in outside the Rockerfeller Centre (below) and Bryant Park.
Being total stranger to the skating boot, Nigel still couldn’t help think how impossibly romantic it would be to do a Triple Sal Chow or Camel Spin  against the panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline ……..
  ………. but something Nigel isn’t a stranger to is the Canada Goose……….
……. and Central Park, a bit like Evesham, certainly had a lot of them ………
…….. which caused Nigel to muse as to whether they quacked with a discernable Canadian accent or had adopted more of a New York sort of lilt!
Time was getting on and the light was fading fast but Nigel decided that he would visit Central Park again before he returned home ………. his stomach was rumbling and though a Central Park hot dog was tempting ………
………. he’d set his heart on trying his very first Meatball Sub …… let’s just say, it DID NOT disappoint!


Mr.D said...

Lots more movie moments.

The meatball sub looks delicious.

Di said...

Oooh Nigel, I've LOVED visiting New York again and seeing it through your eyes. Makes me want to take off and visit once again. Mind you, I did miss out on a Meatball Sub previously - whatever will they think of next?


Di xx (plus Hank and Marvin)

Dianne said...

Ah!.....another US favourite: the meatball sub!......all that and Central many beautiful and romantic pictures of the Park in the snow.....lovely evening adventure..Love you, Dianne