Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What’s A Boy To Do?

Breakfast back at Nigel’s hotel is more or less the same each morning, a bagel or pastry, a piece of fruit (banana or apple) and a coffee, nothing special, although on Tuesday morning he was offered a hard boiled egg which took him aback a little!
So yesterday, while he was in Brooklyn he decided to treat himself to an extra bit of  breakfast while he was out, but when faced with a menu he had an awful lot of difficulty in choosing what to have …………..in the end he whittled it down to the buttermilk pancakes or waffles ……. but it was touch and go …….
What’s an indecisive boy to do? Well, in Nigel’s case you have both!  A most excellent choice, they DID NOT disappoint and hopefully he can persuade Darrell to recreate the pancakes for him when he gets home.  Darrell says “I should cocoa!” 

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Mr.D said...

Both look great.