Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Darrell Meets Up With Hugh

Darrell has been at a bit of a loss without Nigel, so when Hugh, his best friend and mentor suggested he pop over for a quick visit while he (Hugh) was taking a well earned break from all Royal Wedding brouhaha he is involved in.
He also wanted to show Darrell the latest Easter Eggs to join his collection, he had set his heart on them ages ago and then just before Easter one of his very famous showbiz friends told him to expect a small parcel to be delivered ………..
…….. it’s fair to say that there was quite a lot of  tears of a lovie showbiz type nature.
Darrell said that at times it was hard for Hugh to drag himself away from polishing his eggs and then gazing transfixed at them with eyes reminiscent of a lovesick teenager!
Darrell said that being with Hugh, even though for such a short time, soon lifted his spirits, adding that they never stopped talking or laughing for a single nano second. 
Hugh was eager to hear all about Nigel’s adventures in New York, although he must have been there a thousand times himself ……..
……. and Darrell, in turn, tried to prize a few nuggets about the Royal Wedding from Hugh, but always the bastion of discretion, Hugh’s lips were well and truly sealed ……. but he did say that tea towels would be available!
That was enough for Darrell, The Towers will not be found lacking in one or two wedding accoutrements on the day ……. said tea towels will be draped with appropriate  reverence over the cooker door handle and emotional sips of tea taken and biscuits dunked  in our commemorative wedding mugs, if we can find some in Poundland!


Mr.D said...

I expect Hugh was given a Fabergé egg from a certain famous A-list celebrity who people know even if only his first name is used.

Dianne said...

Lovely elegant egg collection......am excited and looking forward to the Royal wedding so it would be difficult not to be curious and wonder about Hugh's inside info!......what a great time to visit Hugh........Love, Dianne