Thursday, 26 April 2018

Nigel Gets The New York Cinema Experience

Nigel has always dreamed of “doing” the real American cinema experience, and what better place to finally achieve such a goal than in New York, just off Times Square.cin
I think there was an awful lot about him also wanting to go extra, extra, extra large on a bucket of popcorn, but, it also seemed the perfect way for him to still continue to embrace all things New York while giving his throbbing feet some respite. His film of choice? Darkest Hour.
It did not disappoint ……….
………. especially as there was no Pearl and Dean to sit through!
To be honest, he said that in almost all ways it was just like going to the cinema in the UK, but knowing he was in New York, well, that feeling was priceless. And the popcorn?  Despite his healthy and more often than not unflagging appetite, Nigel’s bucket was sooooooooo mahoooosive that even he could only skim the surface of its contents! 


Mr.D said...

Another special experience. I would have finished the popcorn, no problem!

CraftyCoffey said...

Young Nigel looks like he’s about to dive into the bucket of popcorn! Hope he didn’t get too much of a shock when he realised that USA cinemas only offer salted popcorn.