Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Meanwhile, Back In New York …. Nigel Is Confused

Nigel says that, when he found it, Madison Square Garden very confusing …….Madison Square Garden.
……because it didn’t look very square …….. it looked more like a round …..
Madison Square Garden …….. and if did perhaps have a lawn, a few bedding plants or shrubs, some hanging baskets, a shed and a rotary washing line (like most gardens he knows) well, he couldn’t find them, although he did add that as he didn’t actually go inside, he may have possibly missed them for that said reason. 
However, he did say that he couldn’t miss the  most mysterious and mahoooooosive mirrored teardrop sculpture outside the Garden …… he doesn’t have a clue as to it’s meaning or significance, just that it was very big and a lot of people were taking selfies by themselves or in groups beside it.  It will be, he thinks, something to look it up when he gets back to his hotel room, while his New York throbbing feet are soaking in the bath!


Anonymous said...

Crying with laughter here at the thought of a rotary washing line in Madison Square Garden. Snort!

Anonymouse xx

Dianne said...

Yes, it would be confusing since Madison Sq. is all about major sporting events and concerts!......unfortunately, don't think they have space for a garden!.....Love, Dianne

Mr.D said...

A round garden in Madison Square Gardens is a great idea. They would need lots of rotary clothes dryers.