Sunday, 22 April 2018

Nigel Does China Town & Little Italy

Nigel tells us that he has now “done” China Town. He was in two minds as to whether to go or not, and he said it was exactly as he had expected, unless he missed had something.
He’d gone mainly because he’d been told it was the place to go for cheap New York souvenirs, as indeed it was, saving him quite a few dollars on each of the “choice” items he had purchased.  I dread to think what!
But, Nigel said he absolutely LOVED Little Italy, which is right next door to China Town, not for it’s souvenirs, interesting as they were, but for the gelato which was in every flavour imaginable and unimaginable …….
…….. ……. and the wonderfully cute cafes ……and as such it would have looked awfully rude not to treat himself….. just a little.
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It was a hard call to call, but in the end he decided it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t avail himself of the “Best Cannoli on the Planet” at Caffe Palermo. 
It DID NOT disappoint!
Although, in making his choice he had to ask the waitress to come back four times before he was able to make his mind up …….. and then, he still waivered a little.
It had to be, he said a trio of cannoli …………..
………… and a pastry whose name he had to point to as he couldn’t get his tongue round it, i.e a small sfogliatella, which he thought he recognised from The Great British Bake-Off.  Both were a most excellent choice, giving Nigel a sugar rush that sent him floating on air back to his hotel.  His stomach was, he said, in seventh, eighth, ninth and possibly tenth heaven.

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Mr.D said...

More movie locations to recognise in the future. I didn't know cannoli were sweet. I thought they were a pasta dish. Shows what I know.