Monday, 9 April 2018

Only In America …….

Nigel’s snack of choice after a hard days sightseeing is a big bag Cheetos Crunchy, he says he is making the most of them, as they aren't easily available back home, something to do with all the additives and colourings ….. and he has had to admit that they have turned his fingers a remarkable shade of orange …….
He has also felt the sufficient need to leave the lady who services his room a little extra in her tip each morning …….
……. because apart from finding the odd one or two Cheetos under his pillow and at the bottom of the bed, they have had the same effect on his sheets.  Oh dear!  But, he says none of this is not stopping him coming back with a suitcase rammed full of them, even if he has to leave something else behind …….. what is he like?


Mr.D said...

At least Cheetos are light, so he can pack plenty into his bags.

Dianne said...

Oh my, sounds like Nigel is Cheetos addicted!......the Towers might be seeing orange here, there and everywhere......thank goodness the bags are fairly light weight to help meet the airline weight quota......munch away dear Nigel but I guarantee the waistline will grooooow!.......Love, Dianne