Thursday, 19 April 2018

Nosey Parkers, Squashed Tomatas!!

Now … I don’t really spend all my time twitching at the window ……..
……. but over the past couple of days I couldn’t help but notice much activity across the river at the marina, mostly under the bridge ……..
……. including the precarious collecting of large buckets of water.
And, I have to confess, that it’s at times like this that I wish I had a discreet sort of megaphone to help satisfy my curiosity in politely enquiring, in a neighbourly fashion naturally, what was occurring.  Darrell says that I am just plain nosey!
The gentlemen's vans are all unmarked, the only clue I have been able to ascertain, with the help of the zoom lens on my camera, is that one of the said gentleman appears to have ASCOM printed on the back of his hi-viz jacket ……..
……. which, after a further casual internet search, comes up as a telecom system company, so perhaps it’s something to do with improving the Wi-Fi signal on some of the barges. And, perhaps Darrell is right, I am being a bit nosey, but there again, it was also Darrell who himself pointed out that he thought that the fishing platform over there had gone, which leads him to think that perhaps they are making preparations for a couple more barge moorings, a far more romantic prospect and vista for us.
I needless to say I will keep you informed as to any further developments, especially as Darrell and I now have a small 50p wager on whether his theory is right or wrong.  What are we like?

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Mr.D said...

Maybe he is just an overly zealous neighbourhood watcher.