Friday, 13 April 2018

A Tasselled Gift For Darrell

Darrell’s stay at Chez Hugh’s Country Pile in Worcester has been short and sweet, but at least he will return with a big smile on his face and in more buoyant mood.
a7In turn, Darrell has helped Hugh to “well chill” and forget all things Royal Wedding, if only for just a day or two and partake in one or two of the finer things in (Darrell’s) life, like Walkers prawn cocktail crisps, the odd can of Tizer and a Milky Bar Little Pot Dessert!
And, on parting, there was the usual leaving present for Darrell, a pair of tres, tres en-trend and chic beaded tassels, threaded Hugh told him, with a smile, in the dressing room of  one of his many cabaret artiste friends between shows, what is he like?
He said that originally they were going to be earrings ……….
……. but they proved to be a tiny bit heavy …… and stretched ear lobes have never been a really good look.
Needless to say, Darrell was dead chuffed, and as soon as he saw them knew exactly where they would go a Les Towers!  Happy Days!

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Mr.D said...

Another fine present from Hugh. I bet Hugh finds the perfect gift for the Royal couple.