Sunday, 8 April 2018

Yet Another Tick On Nigel’s Comestible Bucket List …..

Nigel has always dreamed of  partaking in a real life New York Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, just like he’d seen a 1,000 times in films and on TV ……….and yesterday he decided that he would finally make that dream come true ……. and he did without breakfast to make doubly sure he could accommodate it!
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Let’s just say, that after almost a whole life time of salivating waiting ……. it did not disappoint!
It was all Nigel had dreamed of and more. It was a sandwich among all sandwiches, that would live long in his stomachs memory. A sandwich that he knew he would never taste the like of again.  It was truly WONDERFUL, it was just a pity he could only manage just the one, but as it was, it almost beat him  …….. a truly nomtastic experience.
I think we will need to weigh Nigel very carefully when he returns, I think it’s almost certain that he will have put on a little weight!


Mr.D said...

The sandwich is almost the same size as young Nigel. He must have an incredibly fast metabolic rate.

I see there has been a fire where Nigel was recently - Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Dianne said...

Nigel's impeccable "taste" always finds the way to something very special ......another recipe Darrell just might have to research!.......Love, Dianne