Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Carousel in Prospect Park

It has to be said that although Nigel has only seen a pin prick of Brooklyn, he absolutely loved it, and said that if he ever returned to New York, especially now he knows how easy it is to get around on the subway, he would find a quiet hotel there and travel in to the city each day, as he much preferred the more relaxed atmosphere of a village type nature.IMG_7244
And as such, his last port of call was the famous hand carved carousel in Prospect Park which dates back to a very historical 1912.
It was stunning ……..
…… very romantic …….
…… and almost deserted, which was a quite a weird sensation with the iconic skyline of Manhattan looming just across the river ……. he found it another pinch yourself sort of moment!
The signs in the park also made him smile ……..  he has seen signs warning you not to feed the seagulls back home at the seaside, but never one warning you not to feed the cats ….. only in New York ……. that was a whole different ball game.
As for dogs not being allowed on the lawn, well that was understandable, but furniture?  The lawn was quite a way from any houses/apartments, so it seemed unlikely that anyone would really want to take any of their furniture there.
But then, he had a fit of the giggles thinking of all the local people dragging their three piece suites, dining tables ……..
……. beds and other household items down with them to embrace the view in comfort. We might share a common language, but at times Nigel has found Americans a bit erm …… strange!
It may not have been San Francisco, but Nigel says that he definitely left his heart in Brooklyn, bless him.

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Mr.D said...

"Americans and British are one people separated by a common language." Churchill said this, although he was copying George Bernard Shaw.