Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Tres Tres Magnolia!

As soon as Darrell got through the front door when he arrived back home from his short stay with Hugh, his best friend and mentor at his country bolt hole in Worcester, he senses were assaulted by the robust aroma of fresh paint ……….
In his absence I had forgotten to tell him that The Towers had undergone something of a makeover in the entrance, halls, stairs and landing, which had all come as a bit of a surprise, as we hadn’t received any correspondence informing us that this was being done.
However, it was a welcome development as things were starting to look a bit tired, even though some things had been glossed over without repair!
Darrell said that the magnolia was all very Dame Kelly Hoppen, Goddess of Greige and the absence of any statement walls a little disappointing ……
……. however, perhaps not all of the other residents would appreciate what Darrell might have had in mind, if he’d had some import!
There is also one small problem ……. to wit none of the flat front doors have been painted, making them appear much greyer against all the new gloss paint work ……..
……… Darrell had insisted that questions must be asked, if not in Parliament, then certainly of our management company …… we await their reply!

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Mr.D said...

Everything looking good, apart from the front doors.