Sunday, 15 April 2018

A Tale Of Two New York Bridges.

Nigel said that Brooklyn Bridge was all it promised ….. and more.
I think “majestic” was how he described it. It was not quite as pretty as London’s Tower Bridge, but it’s sheer span and solidity just cannot compare ……..
……. Nigel summed it up succinctly as Brooklyn Bridge being a man among bridges, whereas Tower Bridge was a dainty lady.   What is he like?
He had planned to walk across it but in the end he decided not to, his guide book said that you should give yourself at least an hour to walk it, but with Nigel’s little legs it would have taken him considerably longer, and up close it did seem rather high which may have caused him a prolonged bout of vertigo …..
……. so he contented himself from seeing the bridge from both sides.
Nigel was also very impressed by Manhattan Bridge …….
…….. especially as he could see trains going across it, now that was something that would be pretty exciting …….
…… but he thought it might take him too long to work out which train went over and then where to catch it from ……
……. and to be honest  just seeing it from some very iconic angles was enough ……
…… especially when accompanied by more goose-bumps and chills of a multiplying type nature!  Nigel was certainly realising why New York was so good they named it twice!


Mr.D said...

The last two shots are certainly iconic. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bridge too far - but in a good way. JantheFan x