Saturday, 28 April 2018

Nigel Visits “American Girl”

It wasn’t really on his New York itinerary, but when he looked through the window in Rockefeller Plaza it, it would have looked rude not to pop in and explore the American Girl store.  It is safe to say he had never seen anything like it, a store devoted solely to a doll (and all her variations), her wardrobe and very many lifestyle accoutrements.
He said that it almost blew his mind, the doll wanted for nothing!
It was all a little bamboozling, but, there was a caravan and awning that he was very taken by, imagining himself camped out, American style, alongside all the other caravans on the campsite opposite us back in Evesham.
And although Nigel isn’t really a “man bag” sort of a guy, he could almost hear Darrell and Hugh billing and cooing over the vast array of designer bags available.
There was a proper café, but sadly, there was no table available when Nigel enquired, otherwise he could have been very tempted to a granola and yoghurt parfait or the savoury breakfast skillet.
There was even a Beauty Salon, where young ladies and their dolls could have their hair styled, have a pamper day or deluxe spa package, ear piercing and manicures to name just a few treatments.IMG_7054
Nigel did try out one of the treatment chairs for size, but decided that even though his feet were indeed in great need of a pampering, it would be unfair to “release” them in such a refined establishment and given the extensive choice of nail polish he was frightened he wouldn’t be able to choose within the time restraints of his appointment!
His visit was an unexpected experience which he wouldn’t have missed  ………. but ……. only in America!


Mr.D said...

I can imagine Hugh and Darrell partaking of a bit of pampering in the spa.

Mr.D said...

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Nigel looks good in that treatment chair.